Gokarna, gorgeous little town on the Arabian Sea in the state of Karnataka. But you probably already knew that right? I mean, who,doesn’t know this hippie little beach town… like Goa, but less commercial and overrated. And an added bonus, is that it’s the perfect place to vacation with your best girlfriends for a weekend getaway. So grab your backpacks, swimsuits sunscreen, polaroid and your best friends as I take you through the things you’ve got try out while at Gokarna with your buddies.


  1. Parasailing at Om Beach

The moment you enter the beach, you will immediately see colourful parachutes littered across the sky and the joyous screams and laughs of people in the distance. Parasailing, is not for the faint of heart, but is the a once-in-a-lifetime experience for thrill seekers ready for their next adventure. You and your friends can cheer each other on as you experience first hand what it’s truly like to fly! Pro tip: go in the morning, because the beaches are usually flooded with tourists in the evening.  

2. Seafood Galore

Now, I’m an out-and-proud vegetarian (looking to turn vegan actually). But one thing I’ve heard alot on travel shows, blogs and from some of my friends, is that the seafood shacks serve up the best of what the ocean has to offer, fresh and local. One such popular joint, is the Namaste Cafe on Kudle Beach, which serves up some of the finest local delicacies. Some other funky foods they offer are their famous 12 inch Prawn Pizza served on a banana leaf, seafood Lasagne and Iced Nutella. So get ready, share and indulge!

3. Trinket Shopping

Gokarna isn’t like any other temple town, as it sports a very unique, and undeniable hippie vibe. You can literally smell the pot smoke and incense from a mile away! So it comes as no surprise, that there are a lot of pretty cool shops selling anything from handmade jewelry, beads and bracelets, to Om T-shirts, tie-died scarves, harem pants and other little souvenirs. Also, these narrow, crimson marketplaces are the ideal setting for your next Instagram post; so even if you have no intentions of making a purchase, you should consider whipping out your camera and getting a few candid snaps of the area and the locals. Go in the evening if you want to capture a more intense flaming coral-colored atmosphere.


  1. Seaside Volleyball

You can do this at virtually any beach in the world, let alone Gokarna… but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun ;). Get your hands dirty and play some fun sports with your friends. If you’re not really a volleyball person, then football (soccer) and tag are still pretty good substitutes. If you really wanna make things interesting, grab some of the locals and kids and make a match out of it! You’ll not only find yourself getting close to your girls, but also with new faces. It’ll be an experience to remember!

  1. Sunrise Hikes

    Go hiking near the surrounding hills of the beach to watch the sunrise from a nice vantage point. Taking in some of that fresh forest breeze with one deep, woody, marshy inhale is the best way to start your morning. Not to mention it’s a fun physical activity to help make space for all that delicious food you’re gonna chow down on a couple hours later. The misty, early morning weather shouldn’t be a problem, but get an experienced local or tour guide to take you, so that you don’t get lost (their advise on the best trails is very useful).  Even late night treks are popular around the Paradise Beach area.

Gokarna is an incredible place, perfect for a low-key road-trip with friends. As someone on a tight budget though, it gets kinda hard to fund for any kinda travel, big or small. But, what if I told you, you could actually go there pretty soon with your friends… all expenses paid! That’s right! You and your friends stand the chance to win a free trip to Gokarna… just you ladies! And what do you need to do for it, you ask?


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