From the uniqueness of Bollywood music and diversity of festivals to the variety in the stretches of flora and fauna, India is a surprise in itself. You may be a traveller from the outside or within the country, the country doesn’t leave a chance to leave you baffled. Alice and her Wonderland is rather faded compared to the flamboyance of colours that India provides. It’s not Incredible India for nothing.

Strange is basically a way of life here. If superstitions and the culture astounded you then here a list of the strangest and extraordinary places across India which will make you say “It only happens in India”.

1. Loktak Lake, Manipur

Courtesy: Outlook India

Imphal in Manipur is home to the world’ only floating lake over Loktak lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. The shimmering water is divided into many tiny lakelets by the heavy matted weed called “Phumdis”. The place is inhabited by local villagers who have built their houses over the floating islands and make their livelihood mostly by fishing which is made easier with the perfectly circular fishing ponds cutout by the Phumdis. This lake is extremely scenic and is a definite sight to behold. You can go around the lake in a boat and maybe even have a chance to see the endangered Manipur brow-antlered deer in the Keibul Lamjao national park. The best view is atop Sendra island where the sunset scene will intoxicate you!

2. Red Rain, Kerala

Courtesy: Mysteries of India

Apart from the tastiest roast beef, Kerala is home to one of the coolest yet craziest phenomenon. Of course, being a coastal region the state is not new to rain but when it rains red, it is definitely something to think about. The city of Idduki and Kottayam have witnessed the strange phenomenon since the earth 1818 and the last it was observed was in July 2012. Scientists haven’t gotten any reason as to why it happened yet the locals believe that the red rain is a sign of wrath of gods; the killing of innocent lives brought forward the red rain or the blood rain.  However, no matter what the reason is, doesn’t it give you just another reason to head over to this place and witness the extraordinary for yourself?

3. Hanging Pillar, Andhra Pradesh

Courtesy: Ghumr

India isn’t new to temples and magnificent architectural miracles. Such is the stone pillar among the 70 other in the Lepakshi temple of Andhra Pradesh. This pillar is known to stand without any support and levitating in the mid-air. A few years back it was recorded to be not hanging but standing with the support from one corner and it was known to have been normal but when the British government tried to remove the pillar, it was dislodged hence the current scenario. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it is still a miracle for the visitors to see. Visitors often pass thin cloth or towel from under it to check the myth which in local terms is said to bring good fortune.

4. Lake of Skeletons, Uttarakhand

Courtesy: Wondermondo

In the Chamoli region of Uttarakhand and in the middle of the uninhabited snow-covered ranges and glaciers of Himalayas lies the Roopkund Lake, popularly known as the Lake of Skeletons. The chilling attraction about this lake is the 600 and more human skeletons that lie frozen in the lake. The lake is 16,000 feet above the sea level which makes more for the mystery as to who these humans were and how did they end up here in the high glaciers of the mountain. As mysterious as it is, it makes for an eerie yet interesting experience as you trek up the steep slope of the mountains and witness the scene. Probably try going for the treks during the summers when the lake isn’t frozen to get a clear look at the skeletons.

5. Mass Bird Suicide, Assam

Courtesy: MensXP

In the small village of Jatinga, an eerie phenomenon happens yet again. Jatinga is also famous for its bird sanctuary and national park. During the months of September and October, especially on dark foggy nights, hundreds of migratory birds are known to fly at full speed crashing into trees and buildings to their deaths. The scientific reason may be that the birds are generally disoriented by the monsoon fog and end up getting attracted by the village lights. However, studies also show the birds only end up coming from the north and the lights in the southern part of the village have failed to attract any birds. Here is where it goes unexplained. Strange, isn’t it?  This phenomenon has been termed as “Mass Bird Suicide”. During the monsoons, it is probably your best chance to fulfil that dark fetish of yours. It may be disturbing but serves for a lifetime experience.

6. Dining among the dead, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Courtesy: Amazing India Blogs

The New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad is a 60 years old restaurant which is proudly built atop an Indian burial ground. Instead of removing the graves from the cemetery, the owner of the restaurant used it to build the ambience that it is popular for now. Tables around fresh coffins and graves are what the customers look forward to as they enter this restaurant. The coffins are cleaned every day and fresh flowers are put up to respect the dead. The coffins are sealed away with iron bars. Mind your step while making way for your tables, you do not want to wake up the dead. Rightly named, “Lew lucky”, it certainly does build for a unique experience.

Of course, India is home to many more of these strange miracles. In the land of magic, mist and mythology, you can certainly expect anything to happen. Conspiracies and miracles are an integral part of our lives, after all! To see all those things in Incredible India, it would rather take up for than a lifetime.

Do post your comments on the blog if you have seen any of these or want to share your own strange experience in India.

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