It’s that time of the year when friends are making plans to get together and reminisce memories. In light of Friendship Day on August 5th, Trell decided to challenge three groups of friends from around the world for a #WhyNotTryOut Special Episode!

When you have sweet friends to celebrate the special day with, why not satisfy your sweet tooth too? The groups of friends chosen for the special episode had to prove to us that they’re the ultimate #squadgoals! Going around their town, meeting up with their friends and going out on one insane dessert spree. Honestly, we can never really say who won the challenge – it’s about the journey together as friends to savour the sweetness of the day with desserts and fun!

We had participants from Bangalore, Guwahati and all the way from Belgium! From Bangalore, we had our regulars Namrata and Adyasha with Namrata’s friend, Sanjukta. They’ve known each other for 17 years! From Guwahati, Rimzim and Antaraa went around the city trying out the famous dessert parlours. Finally, from Belgium, Lucvanbelle travelled to meet his buddies in Veurne and also celebrated with his best friend and son, Robert. Here are three different friendships from three different locations around the world!

Bangalore, India:

1. Spoonful of Sugar:
Our regulars’ first stop was of course, Spoonful of Sugar. Ready for a sugar rush, Sanjukta tagged along with Namrata and Adyasha for a fun-filled evening! The ambiance is beautiful and elegant but the dessert was the highlight. Banoffee Pie, Bailey’s Raspberry Cake, Chocolate and Walnut Cake, and finally, the Oreo Pie was their sweet savouries for the destination. “The Oreo Pie was the clear winner!” Namrata says. Spoonful of Sugar is also pet-friendly and has vegan options!

2. Byblos Restaurant:
The trio’s next stop was the Byblos Restaurant. To change things up, they decided to go to a Middle-Eastern dessert destination! The highlight of the restaurant is the live kitchen, but the girls were here for something else – the desserts. Watching the desserts being made only made their tummies grumble louder. But they finally got to bite into the delicious Caramel Creme, Baklava and Muhalabiyah. “I could feel the pastry sheets over baked with honey and ghee melt into my mouth!” Namrata says,

3. Bhartiya Jalpan:
The final location was a little traditional – Bhartiya Jalpan! Adyasha isn’t a huge fan of Indian desserts. “They’re way too sweet!” she says. That didn’t stop Sanjukta and Namrata from dragging her along as they put an Indian twist to the entire dessert spree. Going back to their roots, they ordered the Dry Gulab Jamun, Moong dal ka halwa, Raj madhuri
and Malai Batti complemented with a delicious tea served in a traditional matka. All in all, it was one hell of a sugar rush!

Guwahati, Assam:

1. Nanz Cafe:
Nanz cafe and Confectionary was explored by our two participants from Assam, Rimzim and Antaraa. The highlight is the beautiful interiors with tastefully done upholstery! “This place won’t disappoint you” the girls say. The food was amazing and the music set the perfect mood for a laid-back chilling session. Its a great place to unwind after a tiring day biting into delicious Tiramisu and Pineapple & Chocolate Mousse.

2. Gunjam Sweets:
Rimzim and Antaraa decided to follow in Namrata and Adyasha’s footsteps and added an Indian flavour to their dessert spree. Gunjam Sweets was their next stop! Getting to the local roots of their city, Rimzim and Antaraa tried the most popular sweet – Rasmalai. It was served in a traditional matka which made the entire dessert experience all the more authentic!

Pettum, Belgium:

1. Veurne:
Our last group of participants are from halfway across the world! Lucvanbelle celebrated Friendship’s Day with his two best friends and his son, Robert. They headed to Veurne for the celebration! After grabbing a beer at a nearby pub and then some delicious pizza, they treated themselves to Gelato and had a great time catching up. It’s an inspiration to see people keep in touch even after all the years!

Stories from around the world that truly justify the term #bffgoals! What better way to celebrate Friendship Day than with sweet desserts and even sweeter friends? Head over to Trell to see more details about all the exciting things they did. If you want to participate in the #WhyNotTryOut campaign too and indulge yourself in the wonders of your city, let us know through Facebook or Instagram!


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