Do you believe in aliens? In supernatural shiz? Well, some of us do, most of us, don’t.

Earth is home to some spectacular relics from the bygone eras, constructions that seem to defy the technological capabilities of their time either because they are too big, too heavy, or too complex. To be double-sure, it is fun to think about whether aliens have visited Earth. After all, humans are on the threshold of expanding our reach in space, and places like Mars are in our sight!

There is nothing more fun, especially for kids than marvelling at the earthly unknown, where the existence of certain structures or phenomenon – for instance, Stonehenge, the Integration, Roswell – defy simple explanation.

There are destinations that would blow your mind, and trips that would offer the prospects on alien interventions, unknown ancient civilizations, conspiracy theories, and cover-ups, making them mystical, a golden trip! 😀

1. Egyptian Pyramids

Built just outside Cairo, in Giza, the most famous of Egypt’s pyramids rise from the desert. The three massive pyramids are named after the kings they were built for Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Built more than 4500 years ago, the Pyramids at Giza are monumental tombs where ancient queens and pharaohs were buried.

The Egyptian pyramids are a straight-up marvel, and most of the conspiracy theories that swirl around them are born of the feeling that the structures are too precise and too magnificent to be the work of human beings circa 2,500 BCE.

It is true that the scientists aren’t quite sure how the Egyptians built the pyramids, especially how they did it so quickly, it’s quite a mystery. The question, for long’s – are Egypt’s pyramids artifacts or aliens?
There is enough evidence that building them was a work of thousands of earthly hands.

2. Stonehenge – Salisbury, UK

Stonehenge is a massive stone monument located on a chalky plain north of Salisbury, England and was roughly built around 4000 and 5000 years ago. It is arguably one of the most famous megalithic monuments in the world. It’s also one of the most mysterious, with its prehistoric concentric rings garnering plenty of speculation as to why and how they were constructed.

According to researches and surveys carried out over the years, it is said that the site has continuously evolved over a period of about 10,000 years.
No one knows why ancient people built Stonehenge, but it seems to have been arranged to face the midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset.

No one knows what, exactly, the meaning of Stonehenge is, but, the explanation is definitely NOT aliens. Instead, scientists have demonstrated it’s actually possible to build such a thing using technologies that would have been around 5,000 years ago when the earliest structures at the site were built.

And now, it appears as though the stones are aligned with solstices and eclipses, suggesting the Stonehenge builders were at least keeping an eye on the heavens, even if they didn’t come from above.

FYI – Dozens of burial mounds have been discovered near Stonehenge indicating that hundreds, if not thousands, of people, were buried there in ancient times. At least 17 shrines, some in the shape of a circle, have also been discovered near Stonehenge. A “House of Dead” was recently discovered near Stonehenge that dates way back!

3. Easter Island

Once known by colonizers as Easter Island, Rapa Nui is most famous for huge statues called moai that were carved from volcanic rock and erected all over the island by its native people (also called the Rapa Nui). After widespread deforestation caused a collapse of their population, the community was small when Europeans arrived a century later. The Rapa Nui only had an oral tradition, so critical pieces of their history—notably why the moai were constructed and how they were moved—has been lost and remains a total mystery to archaeologists.

Theories abound, and many scientists have tried to re-enact moving the 14-ton statues; there are several ancient-alien theories, which gain strength from the moai’s graphic, oblong shapes.

4. The city of Roswell

Research balloon or flying saucer? The site of the most famous (alleged) UFO sighting to date, the city of Roswell has become a stalwart of the conspiracy community, following more than half a century of public rumination and investigation of the incident that ignited it all. In 1947, a flying object landed on a Roswell ranch. (That part is not disputed.) The object was first reported in the local paper as a “flying saucer,” but corrected in print a few days later to announce it was merely a rogue weather balloon.

The town itself is a bizarre, surreal place that capitalizes on the intrigue enough to keep out-of-town enthusiasts entertained if you’re into that sort of thing.

5. Wycliffe Well, Australia

At this remote spot in Australia’s Northern Territory, you’re considered unlucky if you go out there for a few days and don’t see a single UFO. Reported sightings here go back for at least a century, making it a bona fide flying saucer hotbed.

The catch here is to camp and simply observe—if you don’t see a UFO, you will catch amazing sunrises and sunsets across the sky, where nightfall brings a light-pollution-free view of the stars. And, there’s a small motel with a restaurant and cafe for sustenance! 😀

One can’t be sure of all the said stories are true or are just made up. While the experts are busy figuring it out, the best we as explorers can do is to travel to these places and marvel at the fact that we as humans can’t fathom everything the universe has in store for us.

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