Travelling the world opens your eyes to different cultures from all over the globe. Whether it’s an Asian delicacy or a European festival, there’s something about foreign traditions that pulls us into trying them out too! Experiencing new activities and indulging yourself in someone else’s culture is a great way to travel, especially if you’re up for the adventure. Regardless of the countless whacky events on the planet, there are some that stand out more than the others simply because there’s something about them that you never thought was even possible!

We all know about the variety of Indian festivals and their eccentricity, but it’s time to broaden our horizons across the world to see what the other countries have to offer. Here’s a list of weird experiences from six countries that you can participate in too!

The Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

 Japan is full of unique experiences, so picking out one of them is difficult. Nevertheless, we think the weirdest, at the same time coolest, experience you can indulge in is The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. As if the name isn’t obvious enough, the restaurant has girls in vibrant bikinis holding robots and walking around the neon-lit room. So, while you enjoy a beer with your friends, you can expect a 10-foot tall robot battling each other in the background – maybe, if they’re in a good mood, you can even expect a dance number or two from them!


Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

Technically, this can’t be considered absurd since monkeys are an inherent part of some Asian countries’ cultures. However, if you are travelling to Thailand, we suggest visiting in November to witness the Monkey Buffet Festival. The annual event sees 9000 pounds of food given by people to about 3000 monkeys for no apparent reason, although there must be a story behind the festival. You can feed the monkeys too – and have them climb all over you while you watch them stuff their mouth or maybe even steal your sunglasses or smartphone!

Twin Stars Diner, Russia

If you’re seeing double at this diner in Russia, don’t blame it on the few drinks you’ve downed into your liver – there’s actually two of them! The Twin Stars Diner exclusively hires twins as their staff and make them wear the same clothes while on duty. These twins do everything as waiters together from taking your order to giving you the bill. You can say they have high standards when it comes to hiring their staff, but it’s definitely a fun experience for anyone in Russia!

Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

Why would anyone want to get their clothes dirty by rolling in mud for no reason? Two million people in South Korea, including tourists, do! If you’re planning on vacationing in South Korea and you want the best of the country, we suggest travelling in July. Everything mud is what this festival is all about – mud wrestling, mud races and even mud fireworks?! We’re not sure what the last one actually is, but I’m sure it would be a treat to find out!

Traditional Pena Partying, Peru

Experiencing the night-life of a city is on every traveler’s to-do list while travelling. In Peru however, tourists and locals prefer the traditional way of partying. If you’re tired of the same old clubs playing the same old tunes, then we suggest an eventful night in Peruvian style. There are certain venues – it can be a small house or a large conventional hall – called penas that host live bands performing traditional Peruvian music from marinera to criollo waltz. There are some penas that have become commercialized too because of the number of tourists that want to experience this.

Boiling Massage, Philippines

The small town of Tibiao in Philippines has so much to offer in the form of adventure sports like river rafting, waterfall rappelling and more. The town has taken it up a notch by introducing boiling massages in traditional kawas. It’s basically a giant wok that contains flower and herb-infused water that is boiled manually over an open flame – violating safety codes much? You might think so, but there is a person who is constantly watching over the flame and each bath is well supervised. So, you can sink in to the boiling water and relax – people have actually emerged refreshed and rejuvenated too!

There you have it – a handful of weird experiences to add to your bucket list. The best part – some of these experiences and countries can be travelled to on a budget! You can experience these attractions and not burn a massive hole in your pocket too! 

We’re sure we’ve missed out on a number of wacky traditions from other countries too. Why not let us know on Trell? We’ll be sure to check it out and who knows, maybe you’ll even get featured in our next blog or on our social media pages!


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