The café-hopping girls are back again – this time with a new agenda! After trying out all sorts of cuisines and dishes at underrated cafes around Bangalore for a week, Namrata and Adyasha have shifted their focus to signature cocktails.

We’ve all had the feeling of wanting to just gulp down a cocktail on a weekday without a care in the world. Well, these girls are doing exactly that. For the past week, Adyasha and Namrata have visited six bars across Bangalore tasting all kinds of cocktails that were exclusively made for them (YES, they were NOT on the menu!)

This is #WhyNotTryOut S01E02 – Signature Cocktails with Two Girls!

  1. Three Dots and a Dash, Indiranagar:

    The girls’ first stop was the Bangalore popular Three Dots and a Dash. One look at their trail on Trell and it’s obvious that they have fallen in love already! Adyasha says, that the highlight for her was the bar’s ambience with a special mention of the magical staircase that led up to the entrance.“It made me feel like I was a princess running away!” she squeals. The girls say that the Three Dots and a Dash had a Hawaiian beach vibe with creative installations too! Their bartender, Guru, stirred up a couple of surprise cocktails called The Dead Lava served in a unique Tiki glass!

2. Bar UNO, JW Marriott:

If you’re looking for a classy bar with some jazz music in the background, Bar UNO is the place to be. Adyasha and Namrata headed over there for their second-day try-out and felt out of place in such a sophisticated atmosphere! However, their bartender was gracious enough to welcome them with open arms. Alvin, their bartender, added a few shakes, a few stirs and ABRACADABRAThe Three Musketeers signature cocktail was served in a lavish glass.

3. ICE, Vivanta by Taj:

Having learnt their lesson the hard way the previous night, Namrata and Adyasha got all dressed up for Ladies’ Night at Vivanta by Taj! With all the glamour and the glitz setting the mood, the girls headed straight for the bar only to find their bartender completely busy. After a few whiskey shots, the girls finally got to taste the signature cocktail made by their bartender, Jins. “He was a shy guy, but he made the best cocktail!” Namrata says. Sipping on their Fire Bomb, the girls called it a night after a few hours of dancing!


4. Hangover, HSR Layout:

Recently opened in HSR Layout, the girls were one of the first people to head over to The Hangover! Beautifully lit with a touch of rustic vibes, The Hangover seems like the new place to be on the weekend! Spacious as ever, the ambience swept the girls off their feet. The bartender, Prabir, made the most appealing drinks the girls had seen and was exquisitely named The Pink Panther. Namrata says, “The aroma of the burnt Rosemary and The Rose along with the diamond cut ice with a rose petal inside – I have never had such an amazing cocktail”. Sounds fancy!


5. Street Mama, Garuda Mall:

You’d think that because it’s located in a mall, it’s restricted by space – not Street Mama! Spacious as ever with three different kinds of seating areas, Street Mama does not fail to impress. The quirky liners and dim-lit ambience make it the perfect place to get drunk with your friends and let off some steam. The fun music will bring out your groovy dance moves, too! Namrata says, “Even though it’s not exactly relevant to cocktails, the LIVE KITCHEN deserves a special mention!”Their bartender, Akash a.k.a Masti served them a cocktail from across the world called Pommps Pimms. The unique flavour did justice to the even more unique name!



6. The Black Rabbit, Indiranagar:

Located in the heart of Indiranagar, it’s hard to miss The Black Rabbit – or what the girls like to call Kaala Khargosh’! Having been a classic hangout place for drinks and food, The Black Rabbit has a laid-back vibe with the latest tunes playing through the speakers! But the highlight of the bar? Their renovated bar counter. The girls went gaga over the classy yet chill atmosphere inside the renovated space and the signature cocktails just made their evening better! The Rising Star looks fabulous and is truly a glimpse into everything The Black Rabbit has to offer. The bartender, Nagendra Tamang, even let Adyasha behind the counter to help her make her very own cocktail – Whiskey Sour!


These girls have really made the best of their socializing skills! They’ve tried out all kinds of cocktails served in all kinds of glasses made by all kinds of bartenders. Some of the signature cocktails aren’t even on the menu and were specially made as a surprise for the girls. What a fun way to spend the week!

From café-hoping to pub-hopping, Namrata and Adyasha have taken it to the next level. They’ve shared all their experiences on Trell too! If you’re interested in participating in the #WhyNotTryOut campaign, let us know through Facebook and Instagram – maybe you could be doing this too!


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