“I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries. How easy it is to make friends in Spain!”

– George Orwell

Famously known as the Land of the Siesta, Spain has always welcomed tourists with warm smiles and a laid-back attitude. They say you can only experience the true essence of Spain when you live there for a few months. The people of the country enjoy late nights and late mornings. Many tourists do get frustrated with the pace of life and limited store hours, but that’s just the way of life in Spain – chilled out and relaxing. It’s all about carefree vibes.

With everything Spain has to offer, a few days is never enough to take in the spirit of the country. To let the character sink into your bones, it takes at least a week – that’s when you kick back and float with the flow of the people. With its regional speciality and pocket-friendly personality, Spain is sure to give you an experience of your lifetime.

The main cities that most travellers visit are Madrid and Barcelona. Supriya Gowda has given us a peek into her travel story in Spain on Trell. Here’s a volume of the things to do in while in Spain and all the unique attractions you can visit, according to her beautiful trail.


The city is the heart and soul of Spain. Simply taking a stroll through its sunny streets will give you a feel of what Madrid is all about. Some of the well-known sites include Plaza Mayor, The Royal Palace of Madrid and Puerta del Sol. Plaza Mayor is an arcade popular for tourists and locals alike while The Royal Palace is the home of the royal Spanish family. Puerta del Sol houses historical monuments and is basically the centre of the city where tourists can roam around and witness the traditional bell clock too! In the evening, walk through the greenery of Buen Retiro Park and explore Barrio de las Letras where all the famous writers once lived. Keep some time to visit the famous Las Salesas for a bit of souvenir shopping!


Catch a 30-minute high-speed train to the wonderful city of Toledo. Most travellers prefer to make a day trip to Toledo rather than stay the night. Toledo is a walled city filled with medieval monuments of Arab, Jewish and Christian roots. One of the must-see attractions in the province is Toledo Cathedral with impeccable architecture.  


Mythology says that Seville was founded 3000 years ago by the Greek God Hercules. The charm spilling out of the city invites all kinds of people to its streets. Don’t miss out on heading to the Triana neighbourhood for traditional flamenco dancing. Some of the major landmarks in Seville include the iconic Moorish castle called Alcazar of Seville and the religious Seville Cathedral where Christopher Columbus lies in his tomb. The Giralda is another major attraction along with the Plaza de Espana which is lined with ceramic tiles. For authentic Spaniard tapas, head to El Reconcillo, but make sure you have a reservation!


If you’re looking for adventure, hiking in Malaga is the ideal option. Located on the outskirts of Andalucian cost, the hike at Caminito del Ray is about five miles long and take four hours to complete. The experience is breath-taking with the narrow gorge and steep walls! If you have a day to spare, visit the landmarks in Malaga including castle Alcazaba of Malaga with magnificent sea views Museo Picasso that holds Picasso’s collection in a palace.


How can we talk about Spain without talking about Barcelona? When in Barcelona, it is highly recommended that you spend the first day walking through the alleys of Las Romblas. Passeig de Gracia and move on to less crowded neighbourhoods for the stunning architecture. If you’re feeling the beach vibes, take a short trip to Costa Brava which is known for its record number of European Blue Flag beaches. Spend the rest of your time exploring sites like Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila, Casa Calvet, and Casa Batllo. We suggest booking tickets in advance to avoid the long waiting lines. Don’t forget to experience the vibrant nightlife and hit the best taps around Barcelona in the late evenings!


Renowned for its medieval architecture, Girona is a lesser-known city made famous by the famous drama series Game of Thrones. You heard us. Many scenes from Game of Thrones was shot in and around Girona! In the charming city, take a walk by the Onyar river and visit the Girona Cathedral, home to the widest Gothic nave in the world. If you’re interested in museums, buy a ticket to the Sant Pere de Galligants and the Cinema Museum.

There you have it – all the major destinations to cover if you’re travelling in Spain! Of course, there is the off-beaten track of Spain that many explorers choose to pursue, but without experiencing these major cities and attractions, your trip to Spain would be incomplete. Being the perfect getaway for travellers looking for a relaxing vacation, Spain will change your perspective on societal lifestyle! Find more posts like this on Trell.



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