Ah, Mother’s Day, a day that mother’s love and fathers dread. Oh, who are we kidding? This is India. Your mom most likely won’t give a shit and your dad probably doesn’t even know it exists. But hey, since India’s headed towards a slightly more Western and progressive society, why don’t we too learn to embrace and celebrate this holiday that your mom probably found out about on her Whatsapp kitty group and now expects a freaking firework show and a guest appearance by Asha Bhonsle. Here are some great mother’s day plans you can pull off on short notice, while still keeping your Asian mom happy.


Whether it’s her kitty gang or her old school friends, organizing a little party for her would make her day all the more sweeter and full of love. So invite all her mom-friends, tell them to leave their husbands and bring their best food (call it a ‘potluck’ so that you don’t have too much cooking *wink wink*) and let the breezer-infused aunty night begin! Believe me, even if there are only 3 people, your mom will still feel like she’s special, and so will the other moms.


The classic mani-pedi, mud mask, massage pamper day you know your mom needs. Spas are easily one of the best ways to relax, unwind and get that special one-on-one mom time this Mother’s Day; because let’s face it, your mom definitely knows you’re not “busy with work” when you forget to pick up her calls. Some great spots here in Bangalore are Aroma Home Spa, O2 Spa, Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, etc.


It’s sound painful, especially since most of the time, I never get anything at the end of these trips. But hey, let’s be selfless once in a while and drag ourselves along to the nearest mall for the world’s most scatterbrained, estrogen-filled shopping spree on the planet.



WARNING: Side effects may include waiting outside changing rooms for hours, daughter-splaining what “halter neck” and “off shoulder” means, alot of Biba, Mother Earth, Central and Westside, remembering mom needs tomatoes and rushing into the nearest Big Bazaar followed by more waiting while she gathers 50 other random groceries and finally, a panicked call from dad asking how we managed to rack up a 4 digit bill in 1 hour.



This is a severely underrated activity that, in all honesty, you only see in movies like The Fault in Our Stars and… *says in disgust* Fifty Shades Freed? Oh god! Maybe you shouldn’t do a picnic! But, in the off chance that you ignore my well-intentioned advice, all you gotta do is get a blanket (or bed-sheet if you’re Indian), pack some sandwiches (in a basket if you wanna channel those little red riding hood vibes… but a bag works just fine), and some board games or card games to play when you run out of small talk to make.


If there’s one cliche about aunties in India, it’s that they love brunch. So grab your parents, slap that piece of toast out of your sibling’s hand, and head to the best breakfast spot in town. And if you’re worried about your dad getting bored, then don’t worry. From my experience, dads will ok if they’re in the presence of food. Any food. Some great spots in Bangalore are Koshy’s, Mateo’s, Shiro, Cafe Terra, Smokehouse Deli, etc. But if you’re the breakfast-in-bed kinda daughter/son, then this is either a welcome change or can be completely ignored. You pick.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still hella worried my mom won’t forgive if me if I forget mother’s day. But luckily I have these great ideas to back me up if all else fails. So let’s get planning kids!



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