So I don’t know about you, but one of the best scenes in the movie “Bridesmaids” was that hilarious bit where Kristin Wiig gets drunk on the plane and acts like a total idiot. But a lot of my friends thought it wasn’t realistic enough: “Nobody’s that crazy on the plane, Aparna!” Well, sir. Allow me to prove you wrong with these amazingly cringy tales of people being assholes on airplanes or people being creepy on airplanes… basically funny shit related to airplanes this year so far.

(headlines provided by inshorts)

“First-class flyer kicked off for sneaking drinks to economy”

Let’s start with a soft-ball shall we? So apparently this dude travelling on an American Airlines flight, felt bad for being in first class without his buddies, so he snuck out tiny bottles of liquor to his buddies back in coach. He was eventually caught red-handed by an air hostess and well, you know the rest.

“Thai Airways flyer charged extra for long name”

 While a man was checking in his luggage, Thai Airways staff charged him an additional fee because of his flight-ticket name. When asked why, the passenger claimed that the character limit on the airlines’ website didn’t allow him to enter his full name correctly. But on the bright side, the man was refunded after the TA staffers apologized about the little mishap. And here I was complaining about my name.

“Whats App message about Jet Airways giving 2 free tickets a hoax”

 So So I don’t know if you’ve heard, but this viral forward was being sent around recently, that Jet Airways would be giving away free tickets in celebration of their 25th anniversary. But like all good and free things in this world, it was a total con, with JA even releasing a statement of a fake alert on Twitter.

“Man runs around naked on plane, locked in bathroom”

Now I know this is about to sound certifiably bonkers, but I swear I’m not making this up. A passenger on an Alaskan Airlines flight actually ran up and down the aisles for 20 minutes… BUTT NAKED! Eventually he was brought down by two passengers and locked in the in-flight bathroom until the plane landed after which he was handed over to the police. Talk about dinner and a show!

“Passengers refunded after drunk air hostess disrupts flight”

We’re so used to hearing stories about drunk passengers being mean to the staff, but what if the roles were reversed? Well imagine no more, as a stewardess on board a United Airline flight solved that problem for us! She was supposedly drunk while on the flight and while making announcements, used heavy profanity and at one point even said “If your seat belt isn’t tight, you f—ed up!”

“NRI arrested for masturbating in front of woman on flight”

This one seems really funny as we talk about it now, but in all honesty, seems pretty horrifying to imagine. On a flight from Istanbul to Delhi, a man carrying a Russian passport allegedly jerked off in front of a female passenger sitting next to him! After the lady complained to the authorities on the plane, the man’s seat was switched and on arrival, was detained by the police. But you’ve gotta admit, that must’ve been one hella interesting arrest report!

“Drunk flier arrested for peeing on seat, assaulting 2 women”

So you know how I was talking about dinner and a show earlier? Well I think I should’ve saved it for this one, because this dude makes Logan Paul look like Mary freaking Poppins. Let’s dive into the story, shall we? So, an allegedly “heavily intoxicated” passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight got a little rowdy with his fellow travelers and urinated on the seat in front him as well assaulted two other women on the flight. Now I’m all for getting a little tipsy and having fun… but let’s just say that this is one hangover this man’ll wish wiped out all his memories from the night before.



So yeah. There you have it. People being dicks on planes, planes being dicks to people. I mean, it goes both ways… surprisingly. But hey, if anything, these stories are not only a cautionary tale for us passengers, but also a way for us to be grateful that crap like this doesn’t happen often, and when they do, we have Instagram and Twitter to take care of the culprits!

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