Travelling is always fun with some friends along but all of us do need some alone time to retreat and backpack across places. If you think that it is weird to just approach strangers in a foreign land then trust me, it isn’t! It is the best part of travelling solo! Normal rules of stiff lips and politely averted gazes don’t apply here. While extroverts are naturally skilled at making new friends, the introverts have a hard time vibing with the strangers. The bright side? You don’t have to be a social butterfly to hang out. It just happens!

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This friendship week, we are here to help you make some amazing new friends while travelling. Exploring only gets better with some new faces and new insights. So, here are a few things you could try out when wandering in a foreign land.

1Hostel dorms

Hotel’s fluffy beds and fresh white towels are a luxury we all love but when you are travelling, nothing beats casual comfort which doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets. Hostel dorms are the best option for that! Not only are they cheap but they are also a great place to meet a bunch of new people from all over the world. While sharing beds and travel stories, the mess of the hostels couldn’t feel more comfortable as you clink glasses with your newly made friends. Watching movies while cozied up at night or being sprawled across the floor after a tiring day of exploration, you will know have made friends for life.


You will hear a lot of people advise you against it but ask the people who have done and have had the times of their lives. It is a lie when they say Couchsurfing is not safe, all you have to do, buddy is check for the best of reviews and you will have a hundred options to choose from. It is safe for women as well! There isn’t a better accommodation option which gives you the comfort of home and you can explore the place all you want because guess what? Your accommodation is FREE! Not only that, staying in a foreign land and living with people who have known the place in and out, there is no better way to LIVE the place. You get an easy insight into the local culture and food with friends you are sure to remember for the rest of your life.

3Group treks and excursions

Imagine sitting around a bonfire with a backdrop of the snowy Alps ranges singing and dancing your night away waiting for the climb the next day? Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well, trekking alone is an option on its own with its own great feat of achievement but a group trek is even better as you share your taste of success with fellow travellers! Haven’t you heard that celebrations bring people closer?
You’ll be sharing your trip with a busload of awesome travellers looking to get off the beaten track and have fun together. In that way, you will have a trek to remember with various new perspective and a beautiful story to tell.

4Community activities and meet-ups

Everything’s better when you are doing what you love! Art, music, and drama form a small part in every person’s life in some or the other way and what is better when you get to do the same when in an alien land! Every land has its own charm and that isn’t just limited to its buildings and food, the culture of a land is as diverse as it can get. Participating in meetups and community activities not only will open your eyes to the charms of the new place but you also meet people with the same interests as yours! When you are sharing your love for food in a Japanese dessert baking class or laughing at both of your bad experiences in paragliding, you are guaranteed to bond over those memorable shared experiences.

5Clubbing and bar hopping

Nightlife is and always will be the talk of the town. When you are a little tipsy and grooving to some local crazy tunes in Mexico or even Mumbai, you are guaranteed to make some crazy friends as you twerk to your favourites. Not only that, partying with the locals as you try out their favourite cocktails, you will get a chance to see a world beyond your own. Sharing drunk stories with your fellow travellers and admiring the whole new different world is an experience in itself. Bar hopping is rather the BEST way to meet new people.

6Walking tour

When in Romedo as the Romans do.” It is rather very truly quoted. You haven’t traveled until you have LIVED the place and there is no better way to do than just going on walking tours. That’s when you feel the raw emotions attached to the place and the people. Roads paved with years of history, food that is served for a living, the hustle and bustle of the tiny lanes and the crazy drunken scenes of the night, how do you see it when you are inside an air-conditioned hood? The best part about a walking tour is the people you meet along the way. There will be people eager for you take a snap of them, travellers with excited wide eyes willing to share their snaps with you, shopkeepers calling out for to try out what they have to offer, some crazy local flavours and sometimes, a twirl of dance here and there as you hear some local musicians entertaining a street full of crowd.

It is also a plus if you know a bit of the local language. That will not only make the communication easier but people love it when you try to be one of them. You will feel right at home!

7Don’t worry. JUST BE YOURSELF!

You must have heard a lot of people repeatedly throwing the statement around “To be yourself” and it is the ULTIMATE truth. When in a foreign land, nobody is judging you. People who travel are rather open-minded and want to meet new people. So stop worrying about how to do the whole ice-breaking thing or think of clever one-liners. Just be confident and interested and people will come flocking to you. Keep your mind open and heart free. Respect the history and the culture of the place you are travelling to and most importantly, the feelings of the inhabitants. People will love you for who you are when you take an interest in their land and to learn new things!

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One doesn’t have to know how you pooped your pants in primary grade in school to be your friend. You can have a deep shared conversation with a stranger about your love or passion and have a great bonding session. It is all about the memories you create and experiences you live. Making friends is as easy when the answer is just about letting loose.

Head out this friendship week find your tribe and don’t forget to share your stories with us on Trell!

So here’s to exploring and making new friends while you are at it! 


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