There is no uncertainty that Delhi draws in a great deal of vacationers for its energetic magnificence and culture. While you are visiting Delhi you would need to investigate couple of different spots to visit close Delhi inside 100 km. As a considerable measure of you may design invest some energy far from the rushing about of everyday life we bring you few of the most loved spots which are extremely acclaimed here. Allow the see history to contact your soul, the political quality makes you exceptional and the breezes of north shudder your spine. Look at these tourist places near Delhi within 100 km.


Savour the experience of the dazzling magnificence of antiquated vestiges of Aravalis which are the consequence of hundreds of years of disintegration. These hard stone rocks are delightful to respect as well as ideal for shake climbing and related games. The valley offers a one of a kind mix of provincial life and pure conditions for an exciting experience involvement. Witness wide assortment of feathered creature species spotted at Dhauj. For every one of those individuals who have lost their vitality because of office outstanding burden, enchant in this ideal outdoors in Dhauj that goes about as an antitoxin for your office stretch.

2Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is exceptionally famous national stop and perfect for winged creature viewing. Set up in 1972 as the Sultanpur Bird Reserve, this place was moved up to National Park in 1989. From that point forward, the lake that prior needed to rely upon storm for its water was given water from Yamuna River empowering it to stay full consistently. Spread over a territory of 1.43 sq. km, this fledgling asylum is possessed by more than 250 types of flying creatures. Amid the winter months, it draws in excess of 100 assortments of transient winged creature species from Siberia, Afghanistan, Russia, Turkey and East European nations.


Sohna is notable for its hot water springs. The springs are situated at the foot of an opposite shake and are topped by a vault accepted to have been worked in the fourteenth century. The water is unequivocally sulfurous and its temperature fluctuates from 46°C to 51.7°C. As indicated by legend, Arjun, one of the five Pandavas siblings, burrowed these wells when he was parched. It is likewise called Shiv Kund, is said to have restorative properties and healing impacts. Amid the sunlight based or lunar shroud and Somvati Amavasya, a few Hindus take a plunge in this sacred tank.


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