Europe has always been the dreamland of many avid travellers of India. But we also know how much of an expensive affair it is to spend on such a lavish holiday – that’s why most of us turn the idea down! That’s when many budget travel information and travel hacks come to the rescue to keep our love affair with Europe fuelling. Sometimes, it isn’t enough.

But among all the beautiful countries in Europe, Prague is one of the most visited cities by Indians because of its rich history, countless entertainment options and its budget-friendliness. Can you imagine that last year alone, there was a 40% increase in the tourists travelling from India to Prague? Whether it’s for family vacations, the ultimate friends’ trip and even honeymoons, Prague is a popular destination!

Of course, when you’re visiting a new country, you want information about the budget, best places to see and everything in a neat package. There are thousands of travel vloggers and bloggers who cover this too. However, with this increase in tourism, there’s also an unfortunate increase in tourist scams. This can’t be avoided, but what you can do is keep yourself aware so that you can save your money and have an unforgettable holiday! Although there might be an infinite number of blogs that may help you with this, we strongly suggest the Honest Guide.

These two guys – Janek and Honza – began their journey by creating videos about their hometown, Prague, in order to help tourists make the most of their trip by giving them useful information about their city. Not only do they raise awareness about the various tourist scams in Prague, but they’ve also taken sufficient action to make sure these businesses don’t make money off of innocent tourists – they even shut down a currency exchange company that was taking 42% commission from tourists! Seeing their efforts, we decided to try and get in touch with these guys. We dropped them an email and to our surprise, we got a prompt reply! On our lucky day, we had a great conversation with the guys behind Honest Guide.

Q1. Why did you choose YouTube as your platform? What motivated you to choose YouTube?
Ans. The reason we picked Youtube to distribute our videos is that it’s the most ‘global’ platform there is. We personally use it to search for things, and if we travel somewhere, we usually look for videos like ‘Places to see in Tokyo’. So, we wanted to fulfil this demand for travellers that come to Prague. Honza was the one that came up with the idea of ‘Guide Videos’ in particular.

Q2. We’ve noticed the predominant themes in your videos are how to avoid scams and where to change money? Any particular reason why you chose to stick to these themes?
Ans. We wouldn’t say that these are the dominant topics of our channel. They are just the most viewed, but we are happy to bring attention to these scam places to help tourists. Our effort paid off with one of the worst exchange places shutting down just couple months ago!

Q3. Have you ever been scammed while travelling? If so, can you tell us a crazy story behind it?
Ans. Yes, many times! We’ve usually got scammed in restaurants where we didn’t check the menu and they just recommended something. This was in Jerusalem. But, since we started doing the Honest Guide show, it has become more of a quest to look for the scams and not falling for them. 

Q4. We’ve noticed that you’ve started creating videos for other destinations in Europe and around the world. Can we expect the Honest Guide guys to come to India soon!?
Ans. We would LOVE to come to India! Whenever we meet tourists and our fans from India, we always have a great talk. So, if any city, or state, decides to invite us, and maybe show us around a bit, we would be all for it!

Q5. Prague is an accessible and affordable locations for Indians. Do you have any suggestions for travellers from India?
Ans. Since you are from very far away, we suggest hooking up with a local to get a lot of stuff explained. Many times, we have seen many Indian travellers very confused in Prague. Of course, not the ones that watch our show – they’re all very well prepared!

Next time you’re planning a trip to Prague, you know your one-stop shop for all your travel needs. Whether it’s budget planning or how to avoid crowds in Prague, Honest Guide is the YouTube Channel to visit! If you’re looking for more personal travel stories of your fellow explorers, head over to Trell and you’ll see that there’s so much more to explore!


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