Rats running in your tummy after a day-long work? Craving for some midnight snack? Want something to munch on while watching that amazing game of football? Want to ask someone out for a date for some good food? Honestly, there is only one food that solves all of these questions, Pizza. I mean, it isn’t the God of all food for nothing. You will probably never hear someone really say that they hate pizza and if you do, they are probably lying. All of us consume this Italian heart and sole recipe in some way or the other. You may hate that pineapple pizza but love that pepperoni pizza. You may not like that thick cheese burst pizza but like that chicken stuffed crust pizza. You may not like the classic pan pizza but love that thin crust classic margarita. See, we can never have enough of it!

A Trell explorer, Apsara Ashok went around Bangalore trying out some of the best pizzas in town and making trails about her favourite pizzerias. Listing it down, here are the top 6 places in Bangalore to satisfy and soothe your stomach with the best pizzas.

1. Vinny’s (Rs 800 for two)

A small cosy pizzeria that lights up beautifully in the evening, Vinny’s is a favourite among a lot. They have two outlets, Domlur and in Banashankari, hence double the fun. The best part about the place is that they give their pizzas in long slices and you have the chance to choose the topping for each. They are not any sour dough made pizza but a mouth watering Indian take on spicy Italian food that will give you the run for money over any branded pizzas like Dominos or Pizza hut. It is rather the best pizzeria in town for the veg lovers. For vegetarians like Apasara, the place offers an option of 5 toppings pizza which she recalls is to die for! In addition to that, their staff and prompt service will impress you. Don’t forget to try out their Tiramisu for dessert!

2. Brik oven (Rs 1100 for two)

A Sunday afternoon makes for a perfect day out for a pizza and no place could be better than Brik Oven. This two years old place brings a little part of Italy right to your place with their delicious wood fire pizzas. Everything is run in-house by two chefs by the name of Anirudh and Anvesh. With soft bases and smokey aroma rising out after directly coming out of the oven, it will fill you with lust for this food. Don’t forget to try out their homemade rosemary infused olive oil topping, it is placed over all the tables. You might want to book your table early because the rush for this place is maddening. If you love your cheese then you might want to try out their Quattro Formaggi which has an infusion of four cheese for the topping or if you like it classic then you might want to go for a Margarita or a Marinara. But whatever it is you take, you won’t be disappointed. Do try out their perfectly smooth milkshakes for a little change in taste!

3. Alba (Rs 4000 for two)

The most soothing of vibes, Alba in JW Marriott is the perfect place for Italian fine dining with the sauciest of pizzas and delicious wine to accompany it. The best part about this place is probably the classiest way they present your food on the table. For a second, you will forget all the Michelin star restaurants in the US and just immerse yourself in the taste and ambience this place provides you with. It is about the waltzing with your food with the most exotic of ingredients that they use. It has got everything for both veggie lovers as well as meat lovers, the options will blow your mind. You can go ahead and try out their pasta too or a just a  simple pannacotta for dessert.

4. Bootlegger (Rs 1200 for two)

Bootlegger has two outlets around Bangalore, Indiranagar and Lavelle Road. Although most of you know it as a hip Americanised pub, did you know how mouth-watering their pizzas are? With soft rock music playing in the background, a chilling mug of beer and a slice of soft cheesy pizza, you will be taken to the rustic streets of New York. You can get up and sway to your music with a pizza in your hand because they have a pretty great dance floor although it may be crowded most of the times. The pizzas are rather made out of whole wheat bread and have a generous amount of cheese-laden on to it. Apasara suggests trying out their Margarita or Pepperoni pizzas here which seems popular among other customers as well.

5. Toscano (Rs 1500 for two)

Toscano is probably as Italian as it can get with their crazy decor which will take you to the streets of Italy and the small pizzerias across the streets where they make homemade pizzas. It has three outlets around Bangalore, Malleshwaram, Vittal Mallya Road and Whitefield. It has been awarded the best Italian restaurant in Bangalore. Along with their lip-smacking food, they offer a wide variety of delicious wines to try out and don’t forget the Sangrias! The cafe creates a fine line between fine dining and casual friendly hangout place. They even have duck and goat cheese options up their menu! You wouldn’t want to miss out on those exotic toppings that it offers. The live music help build up the ambience. Once you go there, all will be made clear as to why the place is so hyped!

6. Koel’s Pizzeria (Rs 350 for two )

This place is probably the best-kept secret in Hennur and damn, the prices! If you want a delicious pizza day out without it being rough on your wallet then this place is definitely a must visit. The place is cosy with a little bookshelf and games to play to keep your patience until your pizza arrives. They have tried to come up with various flavourful options such as their take on tuna fish pizza and lamb pepperoni pizza which is rather flavourful! Here you can order half a pizza or even a quarter. A pretty good quality for such a new place! The ambiance will take you back to your childhood when you would get a pizza delivered to your home and enjoy it with your mother while being tucked inside your blanket on a winter night. To end your perfect experience, do try their homemade apple pie! It melts in your mouth, giving a perfect relief to your stomach after the pizza meal.

And that brings us to the end of our list. Of course, Bangalore has so many more places to try out pizzas but these 6 are definitely a must try. Don’t forget to tell us about your favourite pizza places in the comment section below!

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