Are you a Joey at heart, or THE smart Imp Lannister? ?

Its summer and the beer lovers wouldn’t think twice before guzzling down a pint or two on a ruthless sunny day! But there is something almost uncanny about a freshly brewed craft beer, isn’t it? The taste is distinctive and the fact that it flows straight from the tap, adds a special essence that no bottled beer can give. And therefore, the concept of microbreweries is gaining unflinching popularity from all directions.

Our explorers have been to some really awesome places, and oh boy, have we been floored by their crafty beer-y discovery!

So here are a few snippets of what we personally tried and tasted till our liver gave us the happy high green sign, because Hello?! Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, is also the Original Pub Capital, AND Beer Capital of the country. ?

From scintillating Stout to that Wheat Beer, here is a list of our personal favorite microbreweries that’s NEVER let us down, in good times and bad

  1. Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) 

ABC is the first American Craft Brewery in India, offering some dark and smoky flavors of the beer.

Must-try beers according to Ananta Kumari include Raging Elephant IPA with a hint of citrus, the malty Euchre Pilsner,
Phat Abbot Belgian Tripple, Bangalore Bliss, Porter, and Honey Ale. With a spacious and an elegant quarter, this place makes the craft beer experience to die for.

2. Big Brewsky

A setting straight outta Jungle Book with wallflowers, and an ambiance that would hold you back, Big Brewsky is one of Nikita Andrews‘s all-time favorite.

The must-try beers include Belgian Wheat Beer and the Smoked Beer.  We were wooed by the smoked beers. The flavors are hoppy, and thick with a strong aroma and taste of smoke!

Pro Tip: Arrive early so that you can grab a poolside seat – and let yourself drown in the ambiance.

3. Toit Brewpub 

With a supreme brewpub experience, Toit lives up to its hype. The first brewery to experiment with ragi beer, it had an overwhelming response from the patrons.

Toit has a German-style brewhouse as well as an open fermenter. With an aura of a century-old rustic house, the place and the ambiance is just what you would need on a Friday night.

As experienced by Kar Ronodip, and Satish KumarThe ‘Toit Weiss’, a Bavarian Hefeweizen, is the most popular brew, here. Personally, we loved The Red Toit and The Tintin Toit!

And, Oh, there’s the Dark Knight too.

4. Prost

If you are into home-brews, our boozy minions, then Prost is THE place for you! It boasts to offer six exquisite in-house brews. How cool is that? Thanks to Soumi Mukherjee for this!

The Stout beer and Irish Ale might leave you believing how right Tyrion Lannister was when he said, “I drink and I know things!”

For people who don’t like overly bitter beers, the Spinner that they serve over there is also exceptional. Also, on other occasions, we had tried Bangalore Bolt and Prost Special. And, they were pretty darn great!

Tip to a beer lover: Try each and every brew, TWICE!

5. Windmills Craftworks

Saved the BEST for the last!

Annnnnnd THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is our favorite out of all the above mentioned.
We can’t thank Satish Kumar for bringing this gem to us!
Little bias here but, you love who you love!

Perfect for a date-night sort of setting, and if you happen to be a beer lover, it’s cherry on the top. 

You might want to take your soul or your soul-mate to this ethereal place on a Jazz night. It is a magnificent cozy living room with the shelves running along the walls adorned with books of every genre. The ambiance would blow your mind, and trust us; this is going to be your personal favorite, too!

All your doubts about ale and lagers will be clarified right here.

The Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is the hoppiest (meaning, bitter) beer, and a must-try!
They have some seasonal flavors like Coconut Brown Ale to try!

And the winner was Hefeweizen. The best beer we have ever had in Bengaluru.

So, unleash the Joey in you and get down to brewery hopping already, will you? ?
The beers of thy kingdoms await your presence, announces Tyrion Lannister! ?

Life is brewtiful. Choose wisely!
Just like a stitch in time saves nine, with froth in time you’ll do just fine.

Cheers! ?

To see more such stories and personal experiences from the our community download Trell! (:

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  1. You make a non-alcoholic want to give alcohol a try.
    I’ll be sure to pass this around to my beer-addicted friends, I’m sure they’re going to enjoy this one.
    Keep it coming! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I loved the Joey and Tyrion references.
    And Windmill Craftworks, and Toit looks super intersting!
    I didn’t know about most beers, but wow. Thanks for the info!

    P.S. I am definitely a Joey at heart! ❤

  3. This just made me think of trying all of them.. a great blog.. I would definitely recommend this to all my beer-loving friends. And thank you for these interesting stories. Looking forward for more..
    And I just unleashed the Joey in me ❤️

  4. Thanks fooooorrrrr the blog. Seeing this I’ve fallen in love with Beer. I would go the Honey Ale, Irish ale and the Indian Pale ale! I would bring in my friends for having the best time drinking our hearts out and gaining weight day by day??

  5. That’s a great list! Will have to definitely visit the next time I am in Bangalore. Cheers! And a happy brewtiful weekend with fun and froth to all. 😀

  6. I have been to ABC, big brewsky and toit and I have to agree they are amazing. I love the beer there ❤️ The next places on my bucketlist are going to be Prost and windmills craftwork.
    Great blog, I was excited to know that I have been to 3 of them!! (Alcoholic much). Hope to see more articles like this. ?

  7. ?Breweries?.Had a really good and tipsy experience in big brewsky and toit . Completely agree with the above comments. Will definitely prefer these spot for teetotallers who is seeking for beginnings. Hope to see more interesting stories.

  8. Omg!! After reading this i am drooling over the Red Toit beer and the Indian Pale Ale. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends who love beer. ?‍♀️
    Thank you for this beautiful insight on breweries in Bangalore !?

  9. This the best guide for the beer lovers!!! My personal favorite is “Toit”… I love your style of describing all the breweries..reading through your article, I can safely assume that you’re a big time beer lover. And I hope to read more of honest piece from you!

  10. As a beer lover, I can confirm that these places are the best Bangalore has to offer ❤️ having gone to TOIT and Windmill I completely agree with this well complied list and surely will be passing on the link to this article to all my friends on social media. To all my fellow alcoholics out there I recommend you try all these places to have a beer and beat the heat ??

  11. A brewery map !!!!???
    Being a Belgian , you can imagine how much I might LOVE beer!
    This is as a love letter. I can completely agree with Toit , my first beer affair in India. And, Windmill was my last, for now!
    So the others are on my bucket-list.
    I can hardly wait to read similar stories about other cities.

  12. I must say this is quite aptly written as I have personally visited these breweries and tastes the authenticity of these beers. This is the beer bucket-list and must visit place for all beer lovers.

  13. An interesting read, I must say!
    Having acquired a taste for brewed beers until recently, I am SO glad to have visited all 5 listed here.
    I love, LOVE Toit’s ‘Dark Knight’, Stout being my 1st preference when it comes to craft beers.
    Windmill Craftworks will always have my heart, and has to be my personal favourite for reasons beyond comprehending. ❤️

    I find this list well curated and given much thought to, in listing Bengaluru’s finest microbreweries. Must have been damn a difficult task to shortlist the finest, amongst all mention-worthy breweries in town. Kudos to Namrata Sarma and the Trell team! ??

    A perfect read for me and all beer-lovers alike, that too published on the 4th of May!
    May the froth be with you. Burp! ?

  14. I’m from Pune but the whole list seduced me to come to Banglore and just for these breweries. I’m not a beer person but yeah I’ll try every beer provided by breweries mentioned above. I really want to go Toit.
    Ask all these breweries to open their outlet in Pune.

  15. Oh my!!
    Dark Knight had me. ABC is one place I haven’t been to but after reading this..I really want to try the Belgian Tripple.

    Thanks for the info. 🙂

  16. I had no idea about how many kinds of beer there is to try before I leave the city!! I haven’t tasted beer yet but after reading this, I want to right away!
    Looking forward to read more from you! 🙂

  17. Big brewsky is my favourite place to hangout . Now seeing at the list it’s easier to choose places instead of consulting friends which place I need to go .

  18. Any beer lover from Bengaluru would agree with this list! A well written blog, makes a great bucket list for the newbies who come to Bangalore. I’ll definitely share with my mates. Was an interesting read !

  19. Toit has always been my personal favorite in Bangalore. Can’t wait to explore the rest of the Breweries in Bangalore.
    Having said that, I am looking forward to read some more from your vault. Keep it up!

  20. Always a beer lover am and ready to agree with this list and a new one and also going to share this things to my family and also friends too..

  21. Thats preety cool to see such precise maping to the best breweries at bangalore .
    Will sure be following to see more stuffs coming.

  22. The creativity in this article is simply astounding. Being a fan of beer, i would definitely try out some of these places when i visit bangalore. I have already mentioned about them to some of my friends who reside there and they are so excited to quench their thirst right from the tap this weekend !
    Kudos to the talented content writer and the team.!. Expecting more creative articles like these in the future. Good luck?

  23. Wow! I am a non-alcoholic and this article surely tempted me to give these brews a shot! 🙂 Thanks for the info and I can surely have more ‘brewed’ conversations with my beer guzzling friends LOL 🙂 A great write up. Cheers :))

  24. I might not know about pubs and alcohol at all, but being a mother of two amazing kids, I have a faint idea.
    A good research.
    Nice read.


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