A Story about Two Girls Café-Hopping with a Candle – #WhyNotTryOut


Meet Adyasha and Namrata – two girls on a mission to visit as many cafes and restaurant around Bangalore as they can in one week! In five days, they’ve visited 5 cafes where they had the best of experiences ranging from interacting with the owners to being the first to try out a brand-new dish that hadn’t even been introduced yet!

Inspired by the efforts of these girls to try out signature dishes around Bangalore, Trell decided to feature them on our official page with snippets from their gastronomical journey! In Trell’s new campaign #WhyNotTryOut, this is S01E01 where two girls go café hopping with a candle!

1. Kitchen of Joy

Located in Domlur, Adyasha and Namrata chose Kitchen of Joy because of their love for chai. It’s restricted in space, but their interiors are quirky enough to invite anyone in! Owned by a Malayali and Bengali couple, the café is a tribute to their roots from Kerala and West Bengal. The girls visited the Kitchen of Joy on the first day on Monday. The girls had Mutton Mughlai Paruthi (Bread Omelette), Ghughni and Desi Mix Chai. Their verdict – deliciously mouth-watering. With every bite, they could feel the mutton and egg together melting in your mouth. The chai was an amalgamation of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom with a sprinkle of ginger that warmed their throat in the cool monsoon.

2. Ants Café

If you’re in Indiranagar, these girls suggest Ant’s Café for a great breakfast menu. They went here on a Tuesday. Their sandwiches are heavy and filling too while their hot beverages are to die for. The girls indulged in breakfast food – Bacon & Ham, The English Breakfast and Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich. Apart from their lip-smacking and variety of breakfast dishes, the atmosphere of the café is laidback and chilled-out. Their service is impeccable and adds to their charm. The speciality of Ant’s Café is that literally, everything in the café including the tables and chairs are handwoven by people in rural Assam. As a token of appreciation, half their earnings go to an NGO that is located in Assam.

3. Oishii Ramen

For any kind of ramen, Oishii Ramen is the place to go. Adyasha and Namrata visited Oishii Ramen on Wednesday. Chashu Ramen, Laksa Ramen and Miso Chasu Ramen are signature dishes here. Adyasha says and we quote, “The food was f****** amazing.”

Recently opened in June, Oishii Ramen is already well-known for its assortment of seafood and their chicken broth. The ambience is not too fancy, but it is the right amount of laidback, energetic and classy. Keep in mind that Ramen bowls can vary from place to place and cannot be stereotyped – whether it’s from restaurant to restaurant or even from bowl to bowl in the same restaurant. It’s the chef’s special!

4. Grapevine

Situated in HSR Layout in Sector 4, Grapevine is popular for its Mediterranean and Continental Cuisine. Grapevine has strong Middle-East influence since their atmosphere is a great balance between contemporary and retro. Their menu has a wide range of exotic tea and coffee as well as their signature dishes – the Moroccan Chicken Tagine and Moroccan-style Lamb with Pilaf. With a separate reading room and their wine collection, Grapevine has a bunch of recreational activities which gives the perfect homely experience. They do have a great collection of wine, although the girls didn’t get a chance to try it. Namrata says, “That’s for another story!”. If you are trying out wine here, especially on a romantic date, the manager personally recommends wine at your table!

Watch out for their upcoming introduction of Greek desserts called Loukoumades – the girls were the first to try them!

5. Café Braqa

Their last stop was this 15-day old Café Braqa. This cafe’s started by two brothers located in a quiet spot in Indiranagar and is the ideal place to relax after a long day with a warm cuppa. Attracting attention with its massive sign out front, the café seems fancy at first sight but is very cozy on the inside. The lovely decor, great staff and delicious yet easy on the pocket food make this cafe a perfect blend. Adyasha and Namrata had the Black Coffee and the Hazelnut Coffee, respectively which they say were absolutely perfect for the sweater weather.
For food, they had the Penne Al Pesto and the Stuffed Chicken Steak. Both the dishes did justice to their taste-buds and left them wanting more – if only they could eat more!
All in all, Café Braqa is a great hangout spot for friends to just chill together over a cup of a coffee.

The special bonus about these girls is the candle they light in every café or restaurant they visit. They bring their candle-light meal wherever they go! According to them, the candle stands as a symbol of appreciation for the owners that serve them refreshing and mouth-watering dishes from different cuisines! To discover more about Adyasha and Namrata’s experiences, check out their trails on Trell.

If you want to be a part of the #WhyNotTryOut campaign too, let us know through Facebook or Instagram with the #whynottryout when you post about your adventures all over your city or just drop us a message!



  1. What an interesting range of dishes! Looking forward to having these experiences too in future. Good job, you guys!

  2. Candle-light meal – Interesting concept. Keep the flame burning and looking forward to more of these 🙂 It’s surely going to help me pick my next hangout place. Thanks & Cheers 🙂

  3. With the hectic work schedule, I rarely get time time to catch up on some new series, or read something.
    So much as I didn’t even start watching Sacred Games. YES! This however, S01E01 of #WhyNotTryOut is a blessing, coz it hardly takes up any of my time, is a treat to the eyes and talks about FOOOOOOOD! *Drools*

    I’ve just visited 1/5 cafés listed here. Sigh! But soon.
    Keep up the interesting work, you beautiful people. Looking forward to S01E02!
    *Secretly hoping there’ll be one*


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