What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom can be the right to vote or the right to make your own choices. Freedom is subjective – it can mean different things to different people.

This Independence Week, Namrata and Adyasha defined what freedom meant to them – trying to make their own food at local cafés around Bangalore! Ranging from making signature dishes to a traditional chai, these girls have finally reached a point where they’ve tried it all. Now it’s time to make it all!

With guides from the restaurants helping them through every step, Namrata and Adyasha took turns to cook up their food and spin a story like no other. This #WhyNotTryOut S01E04, it’s Making your Food just the way you like it with the right ingredients and the perfect chef.

  1. Waffle Magic, Indiranagar:
    Waffle Magic has always been an all-time classic. Serving some of the best waffles in Bangalore, Namrata has personally been there about 29 times. “My love for Waffle with Maple Syrup & Cinnamon sugar can never be quenched, and when I got to make my fave first-hand in the kitchen of Waffle Magic, THAT WAS IT!” she says. With the help of the staff, she got to make her very first and personal favourite waffle while Adyasha documented the entire experience!
  2. Chai & Kadi, HAL 3rd Stage:
    Would your day really to be complete it didn’t start with a chai? That very craving for morning chai took the girls to Chai and Kadi. A tiny Malayali place situated beside Lazy Suzy in Indiranagar is Chai and Kadi – not to be mistaken as hidden! It serves gallons of piping hot tea everyday to its customers. “Believe it or not, I for one do not know how to make a good this so I thought, why not this Independence week, I made my own chai.” Adyasha says. The Chai uncle was all the more sweet to have helped her out too – even when she forgot what to do in the middle! With a little assistance and many screw ups, she successfully made my own cup of delicious chai.
  3. Jumping Beans, NGEF Layout:
    If you’re walking by on the street, you wouldn’t think you were walking by a café! Carefully nestled on the rooftop of a cozy home, Jumping Beans is a vegan restaurant serving delicious chaats, freak shakes and sheesha. Ankita, the owner, helped the girls make an Stoner’s Heaven, which is basically an Oreo Freak Shake which had coconut milk, oreo biscuits, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and a chocolate brownie! Some would think that a vegan oreo shake isn’t as tasty as a regular one – boy, are they wrong!
  4. Café Secret Alley, Indiranagar
    We all know the juicy and dripping taste of a delicious Shawarma. But have you ever heard of a Chocolate Shawarma? That’s right – exclusive to Café Secret Alley, Chocolate Shawarma has been doing the rounds with the café’s customers. Started by two friends – Prasanna and Pratyusha – the café is a cozy place to chill with a group of friends and try their signature dish. Instead of just relaxing, Namrata tried her hand at the Chocolate Shawarma – and what an oozy combination of sweetness and shawarma it was! The irony of the situation? Both the founders don’t have a sweet tooth, but they love running the dessert café!

There you have it folks – these girls have used their freedom to make their own food. We’d like to give a special shout-out to all the cafés that allowed Namrata and Adyasha as well as took them step-by-step through the entire process. The mouth-watering food makes the entire journey drool-worthy!

If you want to be a part of the #WhyNotTryOut Campaign, let us know through Facebook or Instagram – you might get featured on Trell just like these girls too!


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