Brewsky, famous for its craft beers and the stunning al fresco seating welcomed us with an open heart. We seated ourselves around a table specially spruced up for us with the Jamboree theme. Apart from the ambience, even the staff made sure that we felt welcomed.

We kicked off the night with a few drinks. While I settled down with The Rumble in the Jungle, we also had Miracle of Angel Share brought to our table. The fizzy soda along with the mint leaves and fresh guava wedges in my drink was a refreshing start I would say! Mr. Praveen even gave us a savvy demonstration of preparation of Mulled Wine.


As for starters, I tried out three vegetarian dishes out of their vibrant menu: Feta cheese and spinach tartlets, Cheesy baked mushroom bun boats and the Tandoori sweet potato and Paneer bruschetta. It turned out to be so appetizing that I could barely wait for the entree.


Choosing my next dish was quicker since they had Mac-n-cheese in the menu. So, I went for it without second thoughts. My friend however, ordered the Pork Wellington. Since I am a vegetarian I didn’t try the other dish. My Mac-n-cheese turned up on our table looking really tempting, topped with baked veggies!


No meal is complete without a dessert. And we had extra room saved in our tummies for it. We had the Red Velvet Dessert and the Chocolate Flan for ourselves. When the order finally reached us, it looked heavenly. I instantly became a fan of the Chocolate Flan!

We sat admiring the rustic rooftop ambience of this brewery with the food bloggers and other food connoisseurs. It had turned out to be a beautiful night under the blanket of stars. Just when we thought the night could not get any better, Mr. Praveen – the manager, charmed us with a small tour of the brewery. He even explained us the brewing process while we kept shooting questions at him.

It turned out to be an eventful night. Brewsky, is a great place to hang out with your friends. The energy, the ambience and the food, everything about this place made me fall in love with this place.


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