Who run the world? Girls!

This Beyonce song has been my ultimate jam for some time now and what better way to celebrate your girl-hood than with your girlfriends. It is always a lifetime dream to take the roads with your girlfriends, eating your fills, flaunting your summer dresses and most of all, have an adventure of your lifetime.

Recently, I came across an Indian web series on channel Bindass, The Trip which focuses on four girls going on a road trip from Delhi to Thailand and an emotional roller coaster trip alongside. It wasn’t just the series that caught my eye but the idea of an all girls road trip. Maybe it isn’t that far fetched. All of us may not have the money or let’s be honest, the guts to take a trip abroad with friends, at least not yet. So why not take little steps and keep it in the country for beginners? So, here are 6 lesser-known road trips you could go with your girls, I mean, everyone knows ‘Mumbai to Goa’ so why not be a little more adventurous.

1. Hyderabad to Kannur

A road trip that takes you through the land of the rich Nizams to the serene and peaceful beaches. The roads are smooth and are known to harbour some of the most delicious local South Indian cuisines and scenic landscapes. A road through Vijapet may be a little bumpy but don’t let that disappoint you; you could take a route through Coorg instead. What better way to try the best of biryanis known in India! Oh and don’t forget to carry your sarongs to cover your bikinis in the beaches. Respect the sentiments of the locals!

2. Chalakudy-Valparai route via Athirapally

This route passes through some of the most beautiful and breathtaking rainforests from Kerala to Tamil Nadu across the western ghats. This route crosses the famous Athirapally and Vazhachal waterfalls. While most travellers return after their visit to Athiraplly waterfalls, I assure you, the route after that is completely worth it. The early sunrises are one of the most beautiful in the south. Do be careful of elephant crossings!

3. The Old Silk Route

The rising snow covered mountain ranges in the distance as you drive through the plains under the purple blue skies of the historical silk route which connected the Oriental and Western civilisations. The entire journey is a treat to the soul and the eyes with the high rising Kanchenjunga ranges, chilly waters of Mandakini waterfalls and the entire winding view from the Thambi Viewpoint. Do remember to treat yourself with some steamy dumpling and noodles along the way through Sikkim. Nothing tastes better under the cold sun!

 4. Ahmedabad to Kutch

The white stretches of sand and the contrast habitation of the colourfully dressed locals is a delight to the eyes. Isn’t that aesthetically pleasing? But, this trip is guaranteed to make you feel much more than just give your Instagram worthy pictures. Starting with the wildlife at the Wild Ass sanctuary to its flawless roads to the twinkling trinkets and handicrafts from the nearby Hodko village makes this a perfect go-to girls trip. The full moon across the Kutch desert will leave you hauntingly mesmerised.

5. Delhi to Leh

This for you, passionate adventure and nature lovers as you leave the crowded streets of Delhi and slowly move towards the northern desert of Ladakh, the gradual change is once in a lifetime experience. The breathtaking hues and colours from Kullu and Manali to the lush greens covering the sides of the roads makes this perfect trip for nature lovers and photographers. The dhabas lining route serve the most finger-licking curries, you just can’t get enough. In the end, the white sands, turquoise lakes and the high rising monasteries through the ranges make the trip worth a while. I mean, a bit of tranquillity is rather needed is the fiercest of friendship bonds.

6. Mumbai to Tarkarli

This trip is the best for you and your girlfriends to have a short escape from your noisy and busy city life and nothing is better than pristine beaches and along with the serene mountain ranges. The panorama along the Konkon stretch is a rejuvenating experience and Tarkarli makes for a perfect getaway with its beaches, mountains, water sports and starry night skies. So have a swim with the fishes, a sweaty hike with your girls and a lovely dinner under the stars before returning to the monotone of your office walls.

Of course, there are so many other routes that you can plan out with your girls. The possibilities in a diverse country like India are endless. In the end, it is all about the bond you create and times you have spent together. Girls friends are special in so many different ways, what other ways to cherish it than cherishing it through all the experiences you collect. Afterall, friends who travel together, stay together.

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So till next time, folks!


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    • Thank you so much!
      I am glad you liked it!
      However, no, I haven’t travelled through all the routes. I have been to most of the places in the list, not necessarily as a roadtrip.

  1. Hello Adyasha. I like your blog very impressive . Looks like the one mumbai to tarkarli never been there since i am staying in mumbai for long time after reading your blog it looks i need to visit and explore atleast this one which is nearest to me its a good blog you doing excellent work God bless you.

  2. Though I had never covered all these places by road but your blog gave me a glimpse of what I have missed. Really very informative and helpful


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