If food be your religion, and authenticity is something you worship then you have stopped at the right place! 😀
I shall not speak on behalf of you, but I for real, wait with arms wide open for certain festivals where I can hog my heart out at some of the best food streets in the country.

My unconditional love for food and the word ‘festive’, in the Indian lexicon, is incomplete without ‘feasting’. From ‘bhog’ cooked in temple kitchens to the rum-soaked Christmas pudding, it is an incredible buffet of flavors.

There are cities that offer you some lip-smacking authentic food you’re ever gonna find in India. The distinctive smell of the luscious kebabs or the fried paranthas – be it any part of the country – doesn’t taste half as good without the clattering of dishes, the blazing of the tawa, the congested lanes or the incessant honking.

As a dedicated lover to all sorts of food, I have always wondered which city offered the best street food, and here I am today, after having visited a few cities in India, I have tried to give you a glimpse of the cities that lays out the best street food spreads in India.



    They say, EAT like the Nizams when it comes to food! Indulgence is the religion in the city of Nizams, and they are almost synonymous, just like Hyderabad and its famous Biryani. The vibrant lanes around Charminar is busy all-year round, and if you are there during Ramzan, you can’t jus NOT have Haleem. Shah Ghouse, located in Tolichowki is THE place for all the haleem bingers. Shah Ghouse has routed many an old favourite to occupy the top spot.

                                       Image courtesy: @clickeatxploreyo



The lanes outside Hazratbal, the cherished shrine, are much celebrated for its deadly halwa-parantha combination. Sounds fairly simple to handle?
Wait till you see the gigantic, deep-fried paranthas. Food coma is a reality for anyone who has tried these sinful breads! Do miss out on nanwais (local bakeries) that churn out sweet and savoury breads as well as cakes.

                                          Image courtesy: @food_gambler



No rewards for guessing that most of the lip-smacking food is centered in Old Delhi. And you will definitely be puzzled by the quality and the variety on offer outside fabled institutions like Karim’s near Jama Masjid. You should not miss the mean mutton ishtu (stew), Chicken jahangiri (a sweet-and-sour chicken curry), and Khameri rotis at Al Jawahar.


Butter and Chicken laced with fresh cream at Aslam’s Butter Chicken is another hit. Wooing the hungry, you will also find many bakeries with fruit cakes and puffs!

Image Courtesy: @exploremore_365


In the city of Nawabs, the areas within the old city are groggy and quiet through the day, only to wake up to food frenzy after dark. Any foodie worth his/her salt will visit the area around Akbari Gate and Aishbagh Idgah, especially during Ramadan.

Mangoes add a distinct flavor to the standard iftar spread of dates, fruit chaat, kebab, kulcha, paya, nihari, sheermal, kulfi and phirni.

Image courtesy: @chef_anjali



The walled city is a melting pot of flavors and hundreds of people flock for some serious food-coma. The keema parantha is sold near Shah-e-Alam Dargah and believe me, it is something to die for! Post that, you can make room for Bhatiara Galli’s seekh kebab, naan, silli ghost and chicken dana.

Image Courtesy: @dextaaaar


Last but not the least, Kolkata can stun anyone who thinks its food fabric is only about mishti doi, rosogolla, machcher jhol and jhal muri. Aminia in north Kolkata’s Chitpur neighborhood serves the tastiest of Haleem. My own food Mecca in Kolkata is Aliah, a nondescript eatery on Bentick Street.

Image courtesy: Rangan Dutta

And since this year, I have been graced with the blessing of being in Bengaluru, a friend and I are gonna go hardcore feasting at Mosque Road, Koramangala for some succulent kebabs, bheja fry, fish fry, mutton keema and delicious naan!Believe me, it was a task to NOT drool the entire time while writing this blog!

So I take your leave now!

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