25 Mouthwatering Food Experiences For Your Next Amritsar Trip


Your Amritsar trip needs to be quick, exciting and full of amazing food. Thinking of what to eat in Amritsar? We recently went on a Rangla Punjab trip with Punjab Grill and we can now say with sincerity that you won’t regret spending your time and effort in making this trip happen. Good thing 2017 has so many long weekends. Check out the best things to see, enjoy and eat in Amritsar. We have put forth a list of the best food in Amritsar and some great street food experiences you must have, in no particular order, just like we did with #RanglaPunjab2.

1. Stay & Dinner At Ranjit Svaasa


We cannot recommend this enough. Researching this spot for a while now, we finally got an opportunity to stay at this boutique spa and hotel. The rooms are plush and expansive while the whole emotion of the place is authentic and ethnic Punjab. Take your time to explore the history behind the place and have a chat with the chairperson, who lives in the premises. The surroundings are enough to make you feel at home and plan what to eat in Amritsar. Especially when they do a wonderful dinner in the garden which celebrates the Punjabi cuisine.

2. Fish Tikkas At Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner

While we had some amazing fish tikkas and butter fish courtesy Chef Gurpreet Gehdu from Punjab Grill, we will insist that you try the ones at Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner. Soft and buttery; all seafood lovers will definitely love a bite (and more) of this!

3. Sarson Da Saag & Makke Ki Roti At Kesar Da Dhaba

Planning a trip to Amritsar and Kesar Da Dhaba is not on the list? Blasphemy! Winters are here, so you’ll get piping hot rotis and a creamy sarson da saag at this restaurant. Don’t forget to try the smoked baingan ka bharta as well! And want to end your meal on a sweet note? The phirni here is as good as it gets.

4. Aftermint At Ram Lubhaya Aam Papar Wala

The aam papad you’ll need after all that heavy gorging must come from Ram Lubhaya Aam Papad Wala. We even tried a bunch of digestives from there and we have to say, there’s nothing like a hint of tamarind post a ravishing meal. Anardana, imli and aam zindabad.

5. Stuffed Kulchas At Bharwan Da Dhaba & Kulcha Land

Did someone say stuffed kulchas? Because we are already drooling. You can actually try a couple of places for this treat at either Kulcha Land or Bharwan Da Dhaba. Stuffed with cauliflower and freshly harvested radishes, the stuffed kulchas here are worthy of story books. You can also stop at the All India Famous if you’re going for the beating retreat at the Wagah Border.

6. Pickles From Clock Tower Brand, Mishri Bazaar

What to eat in Amritsar

We spent quite an extended period of time looking for offbeat and fresh pickles. The main road near the Golden Temple proved to be quite disappointing, where they specifically kept only a few generic kinds of pickles. So, we went exploring and came across this lane full of pickle shops called the Mishri Bazaar. We’d definitely recommend the Ghantaghar or the Clock Tower Brand pickles. We got a fresh gajargobhi and shalgam pickle and were definitely eyeing the hot green chilli one as well.

7. Golden Temple Guru Ka Langar & Kada Parshad

It is a moment of complete peace and security to watch the volunteers at the Golden Temple doing their seva. So take a moment (or an hour) and sit for the guru ka langar, because there’s nothing really like it. The hot ghee-infused kada prasad is also quite popular here, so you will have to jostle through the crowds. We went at the break of dawn and this was a completely heartwarming experience.

8. Jalebis At Khubi Halwaai Katra Ahluwalia

Near the Golden Temple in Bazaar Bikaner is Khubi Halwaai Katra Ahluwalia where you will find fresh off the hot oil – the beautiful orange jalebis. In the cold weather, this is a treat unlike any other.

9. Picnic At Pul Kanjari & Visit To The Border

What to eat in Amritsar

A trip to remember, Pul Kanjari near Attari is just off the India-Pakistan Border. With a fascinating history behind its origins, Pul Manjari became a picnic spot for us, where we could soak in the hundreds of years of history, the feeling of closeness to another country and some age-old tappa music.

Street Foods by Punjab Grill set up the food truck here and we gorged on Charga Chicken, multifarious pickles and kebabs that melted in our mouths. But you can also pick up some food from the nearby Sarhad Restaurant which comes on the way and make a loo pitstop.

10. Papad & Wadi 


Urad dal papads and spicy wadis are quite popular in Amritsar, so you won’t have any trouble finding some to carry back home as gifts. We were gifted some as well by the Punjab Grill team and we’d recommend you get those hot peppery papads for your evening snack with tea. The New Dry Fruit Corner is a good spot to pick some up.

11. Chicken Tandoori At Beera Chicken House

Not the fanciest spot, we love the earthy preparations here the most. The Chicken Tikka Tandoori is absolutely heaven sent, straight to your car. If you are going on a road trip, then picking up some savouries from here will stand you in good stead.

12. Ahuja Milk Bhandar


Came to Amritsar and didn’t try the world-famous lassi? That’s a regret we honestly don’t want on our conscience. Established near the Hindu College, we have this bookmarked for any time we need a filling meal, but don’t want the hassle of ordering in a restaurant. A giant tumbler of their lassi will keep you full for hours. Watch out for that malai on top and do keep the diet for another day!

13. Mutton Chaap At Adarsh Meat Shop

Ask the locals and they’ll point you towards the right direction. But yes, this place is worth getting lost over and yes, the queue will be long, so take some time on your hands. The mutton and lamb chaap here is mind-numbingly delicious. The spicy meat that will be falling off the bones is what we wish we could have in our city.

14. Bheja Fry At Mame Da Dhaba

Bheja Fry

Executive Chef Gurpreet recreated the authentic bheja fry at our Pul Kanjari visit. The soft fry reminds one of really well-done marrow, but honestly, we’re still in food coma to be making any criticisms here. But of course, if you’re queasy, there’s a lot else on this list to try in Amritsar. Same Da Dhaba is probably the closest you can get for some amazing ethnic bheja fry.

15. Pinni At Kanha Sweets

The pinni and besan laddoos from Kanha Sweets are perfect for taking back home with you once you’re done with your visit. They last for ages if stored properly. But apart from that, the dairy in Punjab being so good, one of even had a moment of weakness and carried home some fresh paneer. So the dairy-based sweets and gulab jamuns are a must-try, as well.

16. Breakfast Buffet At Ranjit Svaasa

The breakfast at this 200-year-old boutique spa and resort was the only meal that we actually got to sit down and enjoy in all the rush. And we are absolutely going to recommend it if you want to start your morning on a great note. The fresh guava, orange, carrot juices will add that pinch of health to your trip. The homegrown pickles and dips are also really luscious, especially that peanut butter and the fig pickle.

17. Gajar Ka Halwa At Novelty Sweets

Been around for ages, Novelty Sweets is so famous that the crossing it is established on is called the Novelty Chowk. Not as fine as the one your grandmother makes, the coarse gajar ka halwa here is more about fresh carrots than about being syrupy sweet. Come winters, you’ll find us here shovelling spoonfuls of this mewa and khoya laden desi ghee dessert into our mouths. They also serve hot pooris is the mornings, if you’re craving dessert.

18. Aam Da Achaar From Barni Pickles


Rangla Punjab ended on a wonderful note as we were handed these wonderful pickle jars from Barni. We got the classic Aam Da Achaar, but we do want a taste of the kicker pods one. The achaar is wonderfully packed in case you want to gift it to someone back home. The taste is reminiscent of summer holidays and pickles drying out on the terrace. We promise you’ll love the Haldi and Gum Berry ones as well.

19. Jams & Pickles From Ranjit Svaasa 

We’ve mentioned this before but in case you want to pick up a souvenir as well, the Fig Jam, Gingle Pickle, and the peanut butter are the winners in the Ranjit Svaasa Kitty. In the mornings, they will also get you multifarious sandwiches and toasts that you can try these with.

20. Gajar Murabba & Quail Pickle (Bater Achaar)

A couple of new things that we tried courtesy the Punjab Grill team were the Gajar Murabba, as well as the amla and pear murabba. Winter is the season to try these wonderful preserved fruits and vegetables. Any of the places near the Golden Temple will be able to kit you up with jars of these.

The other new dish we tried was the Shikar Ka Achaar, also known as bater or quail pickle. Chef Gurpreet has a secret recipe that we’d love to get our fingers on.

21. Stay & Feast At Punjabiyat


This farm stay right outside Amritsar is what the doctor ordered. Situated in the midst of sarson khets, this is where you can breathe fresh air and live in the ethnic Punjab environs. They serve authentic regional Punjabi food for breakfast and lunch with a light dinner. They also have a library where you can curl up and read a book, and honestly, we don’t know what can be better.

22. Chiki

It was our luck and pleasure that we went during the time of the harvest festival, Lohri. During this time, you with find revdi, til chikkis, peanut and gur chikkis and so much more. We were astonished at the giant size of the chikkis we got hold of from the Hall Bazaar. While you will find this at any street shop. And we’re sure you’ll love sharing this with your entire group of friends and family.

23. Fruit Cream at Lohgarh

It has really been a while since we’ve had even a whiff of this, but nostalgia beckons. Guru Di Hatti near Lohar Gate has amazing fruit creams and icecreams. They also serve a lemon drink and masala milk, so if you get there on a hot day, you will be saved. While it doesn’t really have any place for you to sit and enjoy, the treats are so good, that we make a visit any way. You can try the different shops in Lohgarh for the same.

24. Bade Bhai Ka Brother’s Dhaba

A spot near Golden Temple, this surely does not look like a dhaba in the middle of Hall Bazar, but that’s only because they are just so good, that they’ve expanded. They now have valet parking as well. The vegetarian food here is tremendous and we’re keeping their Mango Lassi and Thali on our to-eat list

25.Punjab Grill Street Food


Last but not the least, in case you couldn’t make it to Amritsar this long weekend (or the next or the next one after that) and are still wondering what to eat in Amritsar, fret not. We have a great recommendation for you. Try Street Foods by Punjab Grill. They have some absolutely mind bending dishes that we enjoyed amidst the khets of Amritsar. And the thing is, we won’t tell you which dishes to try. Explore. You’ll love them all.

So what are you waiting for, share this list with all your friends and let this be your itinerary for exploring Amritsar to the max of its glory!



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