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Anushka Yaduvanshi,

The Cave Skatepark- The Adventure resumes its course. 💥

Mithun Mith(@Mithun_Mith5080),
Hey Anushka... It's very nice... Keep doing more

Short and Silent steps to Unakoti Hills, Tripura.

Rishikesh Sonawane(@RishikeshSonawane3161),
Awsm 👌👌

Tribal Cultural Museum, Pune- A Place which inherits the rich tribal culture.

Mallikarjun Bedage(@MallikarjunBedage0703),

Kundalika Valley- Queen of Serenity and Wilderness at the same time.

ABHIK MAITRA(@AbhikMaitra),
Everywhere nature except in our 💓

Bara Imambara, Lucknow- A weekend stroll to the City of Royals.

Ayush Bakliwal(@AyushBakliwal7553),
Plz check out my trails

Pataleshwara Temples- Anyone up for an 8th century religious venture ?!

The Place, Touche the Sizzler- A Place for Italian Food Cravings. 💥🥂

High Spirits Café, Pune- A place where you get the real 'High' 😉

Hardik Sidana(@HardikSidana5734),
This was one of my favourite place to hang out, when i was in pune. You should check out this place on sunday, there's an evel called 'cook out' on every sunday, and you get beer at too low rates. Highspirits is fun. Miss this place.

The Simplicity of graceful Parule, Maharashtra.

Alok Mishra(@AlokMishra5201),
Wiuld you like to travel along someday ?

Gandhi National Memorial, Pune- Keeping the concept of 'Satya' and 'Ahimsa' alive.

Shivneri Fort- A Symbolism of Maratha Valour and Pride.

Jigar Gamit(@thegamit),
Amazing shot

Dario's Italian Restaurant- A Niche for Foodie Italian Cravings

ARIHANT SHINDE(@the_abigor_),
That's grt!😍


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